Emotional Resilience through Mindfulness – Teenagers

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Emotional Resilience through Mindfulness – Teenagers

Emotional Resilience through mindfulness is an inclusive 1hour session specifically designed for young adults (teenagers)

So what is Emotional Resilience through Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on the moment and using Mindful breathing techniques which can assist us to become more accepting of distress, which can help us learn how to tolerate the stressors better.

Emotional resilience is about providing teenagers the appropriate skillset to help them to name their feelings, manage their emotions appropriately, solve problems, and make good decisions that they are comfortable and confident with.

So when we are able to pause, relax, become present, curious and accepting, there is no emotional stress. We may still have emotions, but Emotional Resilience through Mindfulness practice has us being curious and non-judgmental shifting the focus to a positive approach.

Thursday 6.00 pm–7.00 pm
Commencing 09/05
$90 for 6 sessions

Thursday 6.00pm–7.00pm

Bookings essential, please complete the booking form and pay online  (3 days prior notice required)

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