We cannot do it alone! Can we work together?

Volunteers are a huge part of what keeps Mount Martha House Community Centre running. We are open to anyone with a strong passion for the community to take the lead and run new programs. There are a wide variety of positions available and we are happy to speak with you about what we offer and where you might fit in.

Community Houses welcome people of all ages and abilities to participate in programs and activities offered at the house and now during COVID-19 there has been a shift to online programs which has engaged more broadly with the community to be involved in each of our house activities.

The handbook below will act as a guide to assist you to navigate your way around the Shire and our community facilities.

Download: Volunteer Handbook
Download: Volunteer Handbook – Appendix A
Download: Volunteer Handbook – Appendix B
Download: Community House Volunteer Application

Please don’t hesitate to ask your Community House Coordinator and/or another Shire Officer located on site should you require any assistance.